Friday, July 22, 2011

Chocolate Emergency

Last night we had a chocolate emergency at our house. No, the dogs did not get into any, thank goodness, although one time years ago one of our large dogs ate a whole box of Frango mints that was wrapped up under the Christmas tree while we were out. How stupid of me - he was okay but I never did that again. 

You may remember that I have been trying so hard to eat healthy and for the most part that's working. I don't keep ice cream, candy, cookies or cake around unless it's for a special occasion. I just do not have that much will power. I rely on diet chocolate pudding made with skim milk, a tiny handful of chocolate chips or flavored yogurt if I need something sweet. WELL, until yesterday, that is. I discovered a box of Fudge Brownie mix in the pantry as I was rummaging for even just a few chocolate chips left over from the last time my daughter baked cookies for her brother. I was desperate and my chocolate craving would not go away. (FYI - A nutritionist who once worked with me told me that the chocolate craving is related to a magnesium deficiency.)

Aha, I remembered from my old Weight Watcher days that you can make some not-bad brownies from a mix without using the eggs or oil  - replacing them with a container of lowfat vanilla yogurt instead. What luck! I had the lowfat vanilla yogurt in the frig!

I haven't made this recipe for quite awhile. They're not the same consistency as real homemade brownies but they'll do in a pinch. The fun part? You can scrape the bowl and lick the spoon since there are no EGGS in it!

Everyone knows I love plates and bowls and this set of  cute little dessert plates was a gift for my birthday last year.

I treated myself with a pretty plate and some delicioous brownies I did not feel too guilty about. Couldn't stop at one. Low-fat brownies just hit the spot sometimes whether you're having a chocolate emergency or not. You might want to try these someday if the craving calls.


  1. How big of a container of yogurt did you use? Sounds wonderful!!!! Thanks for sharing. HUGS... and stitches p.s. cute plates!

  2. When I broke my arm several years ago, I was told to take baths with 1-2 cups of epsom salts (I add lavender oil, usually). It was so relaxing that I've just continued doing it.k Amazingly, I do not crave chocolate like I used to. I like it, but I don't crave. There most be something to the chocolate/magnesium connection. Hmm.
    Glad to know about the vanilla yogurt substitutes in a brownie mix, however.

  3. Yeah, a kindred spirit. Reading your blog is like reading parts of my life - especially the love and yearn for chocolate and the need to diet and not have temting treats in the house. I must do some research on this magnesium thingy.
    hugs, Mich'le

  4. I take magnesium daily - it's supposed to be good for your heart - and if I take it before bedtime or do an epsom salts bath I sleep better - but I guess if I still crave chocolate maybe I need to take more!

  5. Your plates are very colourful, very retro looking and just the ticket for a little guilt-free afternoon tea!!!!

  6. Kathy,
    Take that chocolate cake mix and add a small can of pumpkin and maybe a 1/2 cup water and bake as directed- nothing else. It is very good. I usually sprinkle a bit of powdered sugar on top. It's another WW recipe.....
    deb thomas

  7. For this recipe, you still have to add 1/4 cup of water and a small container of yogurt but omit the eggs and oil.

  8. Another recipe to bean brownies...just search on that and you'll find recipes. Basically, puree a can of black beans and mix with your favorite dry brownie mix and bake. Keep an eye on them as they may cook a bit faster. I haven't gotten up the nerve to try it yet, but it sounds like a way to sneak more fiber into a diet! I'd probably be tempted to rinse the beans and add water to replace the missing canned liquid.

  9. All your recipe suggestions look great...I have some box mixes of brownies in my cupboard...I may be doing some late night baking!!


  10. i know that mood!

    i crack open a bar of 81% Cocoa-Camino Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate...
    & usually 2 small squares has me purring pretty quickly



  11. Hi Kathy, A few months back you mentioned a portable iron that you would recommend---I cannot find that part of your blog. Could you re-send that info please? Thanks, Sue

  12. Sue - here's the link to the iron -

  13. HMMMMMM, mouthwatering .... need to whipe my chin!! Where there any quilts to admire on CWD? Was the table cloth crocheted? Take care, hugs, Daniëlle


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