Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do You Doga?

After last year I told myself, when I got to feeling a little healthier, I would consider doing some yoga. Everyone I know does yoga, it seems. I saw my nephew for Easter and he's looking great. He is totally hooked on Bikram yoga - which is yoga practiced in a room that's heated to over 100 degrees. My reaction when I heard this was - "You have got to be kidding." I would pass out after about a minute.  So I Googled the different types of yoga and in my quest for information, I found out about something that's a little more suitable - DOGA! Uh oh, should I have been doing Doga with my dogs?? Is this in my future?

Are my pups suffering because we do not take yoga classes together? Tell me - does that little dog look relaxed to you?

My dog has been doing yoga on his own for years. He does his stretches religiously every day. Look at him - he's never even taken a single class! (This particular photo was taken a few years ago when he was much slimmer and had just gotten his Spring haircut, LOL . . . ) I ask you - who does a downward dog pose better than  . . .  a dog??

 I wonder if  a part-time career teaching yoga would work for him?  At 9, he's mostly retired now but it'd be a great way to earn a little extra money on the side. . . . for all those rawhide chewies he loves so much.

He's already sparked some local interest!
Chipmunk:  Sign ME up for a class, guy!


  1. Cute post. Cute dog! Everyone I know does yoga, too......except for me.....too busy quilting! Miss Luella

  2. well i NEVER, ever imagined doing yoga with a dog..now why should that surprise me huh LOL!!!
    btw i did try yoga a few years ago but i much prefer tai-chi.

  3. Too cute...

    *copy link*
    *paste into email to friend into yoga*

  4. I love yoga. All the quilting can wreak havoc on a body and yoga is great for un-kinking things and getting the creative juices flowing. I love the photo of your downward facing dog. Now I know how that pose is really supposed to look! Looks like the doggy can teach us a few things.

  5. The dog may look relaxed, but that little tartlet that is contorted with the dog on her belly sure as heck doesn't! ROFL

  6. LOL! that dog on the tummy looks so amused (not) by it all!!! I think dogs do their stretching and yoga just fine without us and vise-versa!!!

  7. What a cute funny post, I don't do yoga, but my husband wonders if I am part cat as I always have a good stretch before I get out of bed.He says you look just like Brian (that's out cat).
    Maybe you could make quilt mats for the dogs and cats (and chipmunks!)to do their yoga (Doga, Coga, Chipoga)on??????

  8. My yoga teacher got a big kick out of your dog's "downward facing dog."

  9. I guess there's a reason they call it down dog. Only a few more days until the calendar turns to May and your lovely quilt shows up on my office wall!

  10. Thanks, Ann - I didn't think anyone else had the calendar or even put it up . . . . After it came out I never saw it anywhere, LOL. Your quilt and Kathie's are coming up soon!

  11. Hola Katlen,hermoso tus trabajos me encantan ,gracias por los moldes del quilt doll,,voy a hacerlo para que lo lleve mi hijo al kinder.,,besos,,me hago tu seguidora...

  12. That is hysterical. He does not look very relaxed at all. Not sure I could ever sit like that, and especially not in 100 degree temps.
    Your baby is so cute!


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