Saturday, April 9, 2011

1800s Conversational Prints

A few weeks ago,  here,  I mentioned that I was incorporating small conversational prints into the background of the quilt I am making for my daughter. She's a true animal lover and it just seemed to fit, particularly since she wanted me to make it using mostly 19th century reproduction fabrics.

I already had a kitties print designed by Judie Rothermel from her Classic Conversationals line and then found a similar print with doggies. Shaggy doggies, just like our puppies at home.

I went to my Post Office box yesterday and found that Karan had read my blog and sent me these wonderful animal prints, also by Judie Rothermel, but ones I had never seen before. Aren't they just the sweetest things?? My daughter loved them and they will make a nice addition to her quilt.

Don't you just love the hare riding on the turtle LOL??

We typically think of novelty prints as dating from the 1930s but they were actually first produced much earlier, in the later part of the nineteenth century.  Usually, these were white or off-white shirting fabrics printed with themes of animals or small objects, and were sometimes also called object prints. Some of them are often whimsical in nature. Cats and dogs were a common novelty theme because more of these animals were being kept as pets in late nineteenth century Victorian households. Daily life reflected in fabric.

They're not looking very whimsical, are they? Must be the long walk we just took.

My backyard that is a puddle right now. So now ducks have been added to the menagerie . . . .

I'm falling in love with these prints but there do not seem to be many available. I feel the wheels turning and need to make a small something using these fabrics soon . . . . No time today, but maybe I'll sew these together tomorrow.


A Quilter Awakens said...

oh boy, oh boy! I love those prints. And I don't have a single one in my stash. Yikes! Karmen

WoolenSails said...

Those novelty prints are fun. Would be fun to use in a quilt.


Nicky said...

Wild imagination they had back then! Or maybe too many parties?? They will certainly look lovely in your daughter's quilt!

We have some lambs in the field next door and they get up to all sorts of antics but not riding turtles!

Leeanne said...

They are beautiful.Here in New Zealand I have never seen anything like them.We are such a new country that beautiful old prints and antique quilts are very rare.If any, they would be bought in from overseas.
Thank you for sharing.

marian said...

they are simply adorable and will add a touch of whimsy sprinkled throughout the quilt..what fun!
btw i also happen to have some of
that sweet kitty fabric..being a cat lover lol!

Larkrise garden girl said...

I loved those small prints! I especially love the dog print. Cheri

Anonymous said...

What a nice gift. They are so cute!! I will have to start looking for some of these for my stash. Karen

Sandra Henderson said...

So sweet. The Victorians had quite a sense of humour! There are door knobs here that look like hands,etc. Lol
I see Judie every year at quiltfest in jacksonville, fl. She and her husband bob are always there, so nice. They do it all themselves while on the road. She sews and he drives. Lol she even has her little machine doing piecing while sitting at their booth.
I have been collecting them also, havent made anything yet, but plan to. I love what you are doing! I have the pinks, also by judie, charleston collection i believe with the browns. Im a big fan! She usually gets all my $... Lol
Great quilt!

Appalachian Quilts said...

Your daughter is going to love that quilt! How awesome that you are coming up with such a variety. Can't wait to see it done!


Merilyn said...

Your daughter is going to love this quilt!!! How nice of Karan to pass on some of her lovelies, they will add to the mix so well!!!

Vivian said...

The animal conversational prints are so much fun. I'm lucky to have some of both the shaggy dog and the little kittens.
What are the chances that one of the talented reproduction designer ladies will have another line of similar prints in the future? As hard as they are to find, I'm sure they'd be a great seller.
Can you drop any hints into listening ears? We 1800s repro enthusiasts are waiting patiently.

Leeanne said...

A friend lent me your Sewing Circle book.I read it from cover to cover.I love how you have added the letter and points of interest.
Where is it you buy your fabrics from?

Ingrid said...

That's going to be such a cute quilt with the animal print fabrics!

Louise said...

Love those little conversationals. I too have the hare riding the tortoise, it is one of my favorites. Have been saving it for the perfect quilt, only been about 5 years now I have had it. I have to chuckle every time I see it though.

Anonymous said...

I covet the hare on turtle fabric. But GOOD NEWS. has the duck print available PLUS a mini cat print from the same line. The line is "Antique Conversationals" by RJR and the inventory #s at Karens are RJR-2921-17 and RJR-2921-4. Price per yard -2.50. These should not last the day if word gets out. Would I ever love to see what the rest of this line was.

Diane said...

I love conversation prints and made a doll quilt using many of Judie's designs. You can see it here:
What size pieces do you need for your little quilt?

Beginning Quilting said...

I love animal printed fabrics too! I think you have found great printed fabrics and I'm pretty sure you'll pull off a beautfiul quilt very soon. Looking forward to it. Good luck!


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