Friday, October 15, 2010

Nice Little Surprises

There's one up side to being sick and that's hearing from thoughtful friends and fans. So many of you have been so generous with your cards, comments, thoughts and prayers. A few of you made your own cards or sent one that you knew was sure to make me smile. I hope you all know I appreciate it so much.

My husband went to the Post Office after work yesterday and brought home a package from Australia. Merilyn made me this gorgeous pincushion as a get well gift! Isn't it the loveliest thing you've ever seen?? I hope I have the heart to use it - it's so pretty I'm afraid of ruining it. Maybe I'll just display it . . .

My daughter bought me a book - 

Julia gave me the mason jar full of snippets of indigo fabric!

My husband bought me these much-desired silver Brighton earrings. Yes, I know, hearts.

I still can't drive, but I've had time to browse the internet and do some shopping online. I bought myself this new book by the Country Threads ladies to go with  all the charm squares I've been collecting lately -

If you like small quilts you HAVE to get this book - so many cute quilts you will want to stop everything and make one or two.

I loved looking at the author photo of Connie and Mary. They probably aren't aware that I am a fan of their patterns and quilts and used to faithfully stop by their booth at The International Quilt Fest in Chicago every year. I'm sure no one else even noticed or paid attention to this, but in the background of the authors' picture, hanging on the wall of their shop, are 7 of MY quilts from American Doll Quilts! What fun for me to spot them as I flipped through the book - another nice little surprise I wasn't even looking for. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. This book looks fabulous, especially for people who like small quilts. And to see your quilts in the background of a photo, what a great surprise.
    You have some wonderful friends looking after you. I'm so glad you are feeling better. I've been following your blog for sometime now and I always find it so inspiring. Can hardly wait for the new book!

  2. Such nice friends and lovely gifts. And to see a picture showing your quilts!! What a hoot!

  3. what wonderful friends and great gifts...the pincushion is so cute

  4. What wonderful friends and lovely gifts!!!!!!

  5. Wonderful gifts! The pincushion is such a smart and simple design. The Chiaverini is worth the read and the other book, with your quilts on the background (how exciting!) looks great to!
    Take your time and enjoy yourself!

  6. Wonderful friends and gifts! the picushion is very nice!!

  7. Oh my, Kathleen what a wonderful assortment of gifts and cards. The pincushion is indeed, beautiful. Your husband was so thoughtful to give you a lovely pair of earrings. I am very fond of hearts too.
    Thanks so much for sharing the book with us as well. I will have to purchase that one for sure.
    Glad your feeling so much better. Take care and have a relaxing weekend resting and reading your new books.

  8. I recently purchased Country Threads new book by Connie and Mary and you are right I did not sorry. I have been fans of theirs for many years.Fun place to visit too. What a great Friday you had!!

  9. What a lot of lovely goodies. Your hubs is sweet buying you heart shaped earrings!

  10. What a nice and simple pincushing Kathy, the fabrics are as always lovely and antique. I like the book but what is the name of the autors ??
    I am busy whit the thirt pattern from the schoolgirlclub.
    warm greetings, Jeannet

  11. You've been receiving some wonderful gifts! Love that book from what I see AND that pincushion is ADORABLE!!! Love the colors!!!

  12. I just loooove that pincushion! Lucky you!

  13. I really like your blog. You have a sense of humor and very informative article. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work.



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