Monday, October 11, 2010

Maybe Just a Small Outing

With the Dr's okay, we drove up to Wisconsin on Saturday to attend a special concert at my son's university. It was Parent Weekend and quite a few of his good friends who are Music majors were performing. The Art Department asked my son to display some of his photos at an art show in the lobby of the Fine Arts Center so we were very proud and I didn't want to miss either the concert or the art show. 

I was very sick this past summer and so there was really no time to travel or take a vacation, so it was a pleasure to be able to get to Wisconsin even. Anything to get off the couch and out of the house, LOL. Pretty pathetic, huh? Next year HAS to be better! At least I got to see a few colorful trees on the drive up . . . . 

I intended to take my daughter on a trip to visit some colleges in October, but that plan backfired for me as well and my husband will now take over and I will play it safe and stay home, nursing myself. So disappointing, but I did visit a few of the schools with my son 4 years ago so perhaps I won't miss too much. The original plan was to drive out east and possibly, possibly, make a side trip to Vermont, to the Bennington Museum, where the Dear Jane quilt resides and is publicly displayed for a very short time every year. Darn, darn, darn.  I'm sure there will be another chance to see it some other year, but still . . . . Maybe I can talk her into going to school somewhere near Vermont?? Pretty sure I can't talk her into anything these days . . . much less where she'll spend the next four years, LOL.

There was a little more leaf color in Wisconsin than here in Illinois and I know, I know,  it isn't New England, but hey, I'll take what I can get. Better than just watching the leaves turn in my backyard, right? The campus was lively with color, the overall trip good and while I pretty much took it easy, I was still able to walk around a little without feeling too bad. Maybe I AM getting better, ya think?

I made my husband take a little detour and stop at Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop on the way up. I wanted to show you how cute the the inside of the shop was but was totally disappointed that they would NOT let me take any photos, not a one, except outside. Oh well, you'll just have to stop in there yourself.

 I couldn't resist this chocolatey brown stars print and it's always hard to find a good muted purple I like, but OMG, look - they had HEXAGON pre-cuts! What the heck am I going to do with these? And did I really need four packs, LOL??

So now I'm back and envious that my family gets to travel even just a little bit. If it sounds like I'm feeling sorry for myself, don't worry, I'm not. I have plenty to do to keep me busy here and I sure won't be lonely, if you know what I mean.


  1. What a darling picture of your little black dog. He (she) looks a bit mischevious and like he would be a whole lot of fun! Enjoy.
    PS-I'm from a little further north in Wisconsin (central WI)and the peak of color has passed but it was (and still is)beautiful! Funny though, summer temps have returned...

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love to see the changing of the color.

  3. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.

    We are experiencing a beautiful fall here in Des Moines, Iowa today! I took pictures --- soon it will be gone-- but we can enjoy for a little longer I hope.

    Sounds as though you are feeling better each day.

    :) Carolyn

  4. I love star fabric.Can you tell me who makes the brown star fabric?
    I am so glad you are feeling better.
    I am looking forward to buying your new book.
    judy j

  5. Peccato che non hai potuto fare foto all'interno del negozio...
    Belle compere, vorrei vedere bene quegli esagoni pretagliati,
    non ho mai visto niente del genere in Italia...
    grazie per le immagini autunnali, sono molto belle....
    Sono contenta che stai un po' meglio....

  6. So glad you were able to get out of the house on a little outing, it's gotta be better than being couped up inside. Love the shots of the autumn hues along the way. You even managed a detour to a quilt must be feeling much better :) precut hexies what next lol! x

  7. You have to start with small outings first and this sounded like a very nice one. The music performance, your son's display, the beautufil autumn landscape and a visit to the quilt shop. And we never NEED fabric, but we can always USe some. It will keep you occupied when your husband and daughter are checking out schools and maybe help you feel a little bit less sad that you can not accompany her. Just concentrate on gettng well again, step by step

  8. glad you enjoyed your outing...the campus looks lovely and it was nice that your son's artwork was displayed....going to a quilt shop probably helped your recovery!!

  9. It looks like it was a beautiful day for an outing. What a pretty campus too!!

  10. The brown stars print is called Old Glory by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics.

  11. That sounds like the best medicine you could have. Glad that you enjoyed yourself..........

  12. What a score: pre-cut hexagons. A visit to a quilt shop always cheers one up. Your photos are lovely. Glad you were able to manage a small outing.

  13. I couldn't resist those hexagons when I saw them last summer. I read your post about the printable paper. What size hexagon would you print for the precuts?

  14. For my small hexagons quilt, I set the size of the hexagons at .60 (on the website where you can print out the paper)


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