Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Little Bit of Fall Around the House

I've never  been into decorating for Halloween much except when the kids were little and I especially wasn't eager to put up ANY Fall decorations this year. No energy.

When I said I was too tired, my daughter decided to get out some of the things and forced me into it, LOL.  She even put those clingy Halloween things on the windows. Hey, I put the wreath on the door, isn't that enough?

 Okay, okay, just a few.

And just to show you (and my daughter) that YES, even though I have no energy to speak of, I can still do some very fine decorating for Fall. First, you take a pumpkin or two . . .

Can you guess which one is really the little pumpkin?

And there you have it - my house decorated for Fall! Martha, look out . . .

My yahoo group Smallquilttalk recently did a Maple Leaf Block Exchange. I cut out some of the pieces and was getting ready to make and swap the blocks when WHAM, I had to have surgery and had to drop out. Oh  well, maybe next year. This is the block they used which you can find here. I made mine last year and put a few together into a little runner. Still haven't quilted it yet but this is the binding I'm thinking of using after I do that. Aren't  you just wild about that setting print??!!

Here are a couple of my little quilts you don't see very often - both  from Prairie Children & Their Quilts. Who knew that they fit in perfectly with my "Fall Around the House" theme?


  1. I am fairly new to your blog; after a look around I am quite excited to see all the books that you have for sale. I have never made a doll quilt, but I think they would be very fun to start making!

  2. Tell your daughter that she did give Martha a run for her money!! I haven't done much either. A few pumpkins and a plant. Tah dah! Having Turkey Day here with out of town guests, so I better come up with more, I guess. Wish I had time to set my maple leafs. We'll see.

  3. I just ordered your book and would like to have it signed. The payment went through before I had a chance to indicate so. I'll try to reach you tomorrow.....

  4. The house looks warm and inviting. A little touch of orange makes it perfect.

  5. Beautiful quilts! The placemat in the first picture is so pretty. Can a pattern be purchased for it?

    I need to buy some pumpkins and Civil War prints! Although our weather is still warm in Alabama, we are expecting a cool front! Maybe fall is on the way. Yea!


  6. Love your quilts. Enjoy your blog. Your decorations look quite cozy and homey. Glad you are on the mend.


  7. It looks like my house with the lovely little quilts and the autum decorations, here in The Netherlands whe loved the autunm to ,Bep

  8. Love your Fall decorations and especially your little quilts. Glad you were up to doing a tiny bit of decorating, now you can sit back and enjoy it LOL, continued best wishes.....Merilyn

  9. Your house looks lovely, thank your daughter for caring for her mama so much !!!

  10. Even a few decorations can liven your spirits. The felt/wool pumpkin is just the cutest. I'm going to try the maple leaf block table runner, but perhaps with some Civil War greens and reds, for Christmas. Keep getting better, your blog is so inspiring.

  11. You and your daughter have done more then I have. I love fall and winter, but there is so much going in our lives right now that the stress is tiring. However, I am having Turkey Day and will have around 20 in my little home. So I guess I better do something. Your home looks very warm and inviting. Connie204


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