Friday, May 21, 2010

Quilt Out Loud Goes Historical/Hysterical

I am wondering if any of you subscribe to's Quilt Out Loud online TV show hosted by Jodie Davis and Mark Lipinski? This month's episode features a Civil War theme and a visit to the Atlanta History Center, which I've been very patiently waiting to see. I think some of you may be interested if you like Civil War quilts and learning about the history surrounding them.

The best part?  (Okay, maybe just for me. . .) Guess whose book featuring a diary from the Civil War was reviewed this month??

A couple of months ago Jodie requested two of my quilts from Remembering Adelia so that they could show them in a small segment on books about the Civil War. So exciting for me--and here's your chance to see my Orange Peel quilt and Scrappy Baskets quilt on online TV!

I was very excited when I told my sister about it and then SHE got very excited before I finished and misunderstood and thought I  was the one who was going be filmed. No, sorry, just my quilts. Works out much better, actually. This way the camera adds 10 lbs to the quilts instead of to me . . .

I just watched the episode today and here's your chance to get a little better look at two of my favorite quilts if you haven't been able to see them in person at one of my lectures or trunk shows. (The camera zooms in really good on the Orange Peel so you can see all of the imperfections and my not-quite-perfect points. Oh no, I'm human!) 

Jodie also read aloud a couple of diary entries from the book. So cool! Jodie is very sweet and Mark is, well, if you haven't ever seen him, you're in for a treat. He's a riot. He talks about seeing the Dear Jane quilt at the Bennington Museum and shows some of his Dear Jane blocks.

I love love  love my little baskets quilt and never get tired of showing it to you. Since Blogger has changed and no one ever sees the older posts anyway, bear with me as I occasionally throw in photo repeats for newer readers . . .

If you're not a member of QNN, it's great fun to subscribe and watch all the varied episodes on different topics any time you want on your computer. If you miss something you can watch each episode again and again. Here's the show description for this month:

"Jodie and Mark introduce the show from the Turning Point exhibit at the Atlanta History Center. One of the nation’s largest and most complete Civil War exhibitions, Turning Point depicts the war through the eyes of soldiers and civilians. One of the civilians was Carrie Berry, a little girl whose story of remaining in Atlanta through the war and tending to daily chores such as sewing, is preserved here in her diary. The theme of 'preserve the pieces, preserve the stories' continues throughout the episode."

If you haven't signed up yet, try it--it's a lot of fun. International readers will love this part--you don't have to pay shipping!!


  1. How exciting for you. The little quilts are just so fascinating to me. I really like the Orange Peel.

  2. Just became a member of QNN and watched the item about your book, you must be sooo proud, I had goosebumps all over when watching, silly he hihi!! Made a post on my blog about the ASC and one of my followers already subscribed to your club, how about that hahahaha!! Lots of success!! Hugs, Daniëlle

  3. Thanks, Danielle! You're a Sweetie . . .

  4. Now would you look at that! Last post when I stumbled upon your blog I read about American Girl dolls that I was just about to order, and NOW the one quilt I am working on of yours - the Orange Peel - up close and personal! I still aboslutely LOVE it! I actually had a chance to see/meet Mark this month at Quilt Canada in Calgary, Alberta... And yes, definitely a riot (pics on my blog, scroll way down)! Thanks for the great update, suggestions, and once again (coincidently) chit chat about things that are very recent in my life too!

  5. I find it quite logical that your book and your quilts are on TV ! Adelia is such a genuine example of a life in the 19th Century, and your quilts bring such an authentic feeling... Congratulations !

  6. By the way, since I have known your blog for 2 weeks only, I am reading the older posts, they are lovely ! And we never get bored at seeing wonderful quilts ...


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