Friday, August 26, 2011

The Quilting Bug

Yay! I finished the college quilt for my daughter last night and am taking it to the quilter today. Now we just have to wait. But it's not like we still don't have a million things to do in the meantime before she goes to school.

The other day we spent several hours at a quilt shop picking out the borders and backing fabric for the quilt. Or at least it seemed like SEVERAL hours. I love a good quilt shop but  . . . Sheesh.

I was patient. Mostly I restrained myself and stood back and let her do it herself. Many of the blocks in the quilt were made with reproduction fabrics she picked out from my collection at home. I followed her around the shop and found my own favorites for the borders but she didn't like my choices at all so I just kept quiet.

The shop owner said - "She has very strong opinions." So true, but not sure that was a compliment. LOL, if she only knew . . .

I decided I would not even attempt to tell her what fabric to pick for her special quilt - those were the rules. I would make it if she would pick out the fabric. Sneaky of me?? You bet. I demanded a little involvement on her part. You should know that my daughter does not quilt. "That's YOUR thing, Mom," she always says. But when we left the shop I could see that twinkle in her eye and she said it was SO much fun! I had quietly watched her walking around the shop, lovingly touching the fabrics. Paying attention to the wonderful quilting designs on the quilts hanging on the walls. Studying the different types of fabrics. Noting designers. It was not a bad experience. So maybe there's hope, maybe someday she'll get the bug. Or perhaps she already has, who knows?

It all went together in the end. Can't wait for it to be quilted.



  1. I recognize A Touch of Amish! My daughter wanted nothing to do with quilting, or crafts in general, throughout high school and college. Then she acquired a boyfriend, and she's already made him one, complete with hand embroidered squares, and has started on another. There's hope!

  2. Oohh, you're getting me hopefully excited . . . time will tell.

  3. It looks lovely!
    My daughter has never wanted anything to do with quilting until just recently and she is now 27. We have ways of rubbing off some good on them, don't we? ;)

  4. My daughter is not interested in quilting either. She is now 22 so maybe there is still hope. She has helped me a lot when I am struggling with fabric choices so maybe someday she will get excited by quilting.

  5. Small increments of exposure surely will pay off in the end, even if she was interested she wouldn't share it LOL!!!! Her choices are lovely and I'm sure she'll just love it when its all done!!!!!

  6. What a lovely looking quilt store, to be savored, not rushed. I am very lucky to work in a wonderful quilt store here in New Zealand, it is a wonderful country vibe.

  7. The quilt looks great with her border fabrics. I can't wait to see it quilted. I'll bet when your daughter sees it finished and with her choices a part of the finished product, she'll be smitten by the bug. Give her time, you've planted a seed, watch it grow!

  8. The quilt is lovely and I like those borders. My daughter was the same way..."It's your thing, not mine", we miss being able to sew together because she has a family to raise and has moved out of state! We talk a lot on the phone about quilting and when we do get together we sew!
    All the best to your daughter heading off to college! It's a wonderful time for her.

  9. You are not daughter has 'strong' opinions as well and a totally different style than myself. Best wishes to your daughter as she starts a new chapter in her life.

  10. It is a pretty quilt - looks like she made great choices. My daughter is the same way - maybe she thinks she would be competing if she had the same hobby, but I too see a twinkle in her eye and maybe she will pick it up someday.

  11. Well....she has strong opinions about fabric, she fondles fabric, and she had fun in a shop with fabric... sounds like a quilter in the making.
    Good luck to her (and you) as she heads off to school.


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