Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Shopping

Every year when summer arrives my daughter dreams of redecorating her room. Her tastes change so fast I can't keep up. IKEA is the perfect place for teens to dream and get inspired without spending too much. Can't beat it for affordability. So yesterday we took a ride out there to see what was new and exciting in IKEAland.

I told her we could paint her room this summer and get some accessories to finish the look.


Can't decide, can't decide . . . .


She's thinking of coral or green or blue for the walls. Believe it or not, I'm leaning toward the peachy tones but she won't be influenced a bit by me.

Her furniture is white and she thinks maybe this black and white Ikea comforter below mixed with brightly colored pillows and other bright accessories to jazz it up would be really cute. 


This chandelier (made from paper?) was in the running but we opted for something a bit smaller, circular, with little twinkling lights. Sort of like a St. Lucia wreath. Very nice.


I wanted to buy this white cottage style bookcase. I love white and have a weakness for bookcases but don't have room for any more. White wouldn't go with anything else I have anyway, except for the kitchen, which is too small for a bookcase. But I still love it. 


We love wandering around looking at all the displays. Now these are some bookshelves I could love . . . .


 I've always had a fondness for white kitchens . . . .

So we bought the light, a storage unit and some fabric to make pillows and she'll get the room painted and then she'll decide on the other accessories. We'll go back a few more times before it's done. Oh my, I think I know where my summer's going . . .


  1. So FUN!~I NEEEED those bookshelves! I like that they are not too deep. Guess you'd HAVE to bolt them to the walls... Enjoy the process! :)
    OH~I'm having a GIVEAWAY for a signed copy of CITY QUILTS!~bet she'd like one of those! :)

  2. Oh dear!!! May I wish you all the best hihi lots of patience, time and love!! Hugs, Daniëlle

  3. I discovered IKEA when I was in upper VA near DC. Loved the displays and the little cafe. Closest one now is around Austin. Would love some more bookcases. Have fun decorating!

  4. I LOVE those bookcases...did someone say more bookcases? IKEA is one of my favorite stores full of great ideas and inspiration. Have a fun summer with your daughters room, I will be doing the same thing with my 15 year old daughter very soon :). Where does the time go...It seems like only yesterday I was making her baby quilt and decorating her nursery....

  5. My dauhter and I love to wander around Ikea and daydream about all the possibilities. If I could I might just toss all nmy stuff and Ikea my house.
    Enjoy summer shopping and redecorating with DD.

  6. I haven't been to Ikea lately, but it sure is a fun store. Have fun this summer with your daughter's room. Enjoy. Connie

  7. I recognize the redecorating of your daughters room. My daughter wants a different style regularly. We had pink, purple and lemon walls, now it's dark brown .....I wish you goodluck and enjoy it. Hubertine

  8. That white bookcase you like so much . . .
    is what I bought for my studio to house my kits and works in progress - at least some of them. But, it was the most complicated Ikea assembly I've ever done. It took 2 of us an afternoon.


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