Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shopping in Wisconsin

It's so much fun to visit a new quilt shop. Yesterday, my friend Shirley introduced me to a wonderful new one I had been anxious to see. Ye Olde Schoolhouse  quilt shop is in historic Cedarburg, Wisconsin, just a little north of Milwaukee. The shop  is  now on my list of favorite shops. 

Earlier this year my husband and I stopped in Cedarburg on the way home from visiting my son at school. We had a great time strolling around the quaint town, checking out the antique shops and restaurants, but I was disappointed to find that this shop was closed on the day we were there. Darn! I thought maybe I'd just park myself outside and wait until they opened but that would have meant sitting outside on the front stoop in the cold for a day or two so I went home and made a mental note to visit again. When I returned yesterday, I was not disappointed. See for yourself -

Ye Olde Schoolhouse was a featured shop last year in the Fall/Winter 2010 Quilt Sampler magazine.

Lots of great books as well as so many patterns for adorable little quilts!

Ye Olde Schoolroom

These schoolroom chairs are just too cute!

Laurel and Jeanie, the owner, were so sweet - and friendly and helpful too. Be sure to stop by if you're ever in  Wisconsin. You won't be disappointed either.

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Oh, I almost forgot - here's a link to a great new App for your iPhone, smartphone or iPad - find a quilt shop. Perfect for when you're travelling around and need to pull over for a quick fabric fix. Have a good weekend!


  1. Looks like a great place! I bet they enjoyed meeting you!

  2. Oh I wish I didn't live so far from WI!! That looks like the kind of shop I could spend hours browsing and soaking up they slowly drain my bank account!! I am going to head over to their web site...I love the scrappy bed quilt you pictured as well as the mini quilt on the table.

    Thanks for the post!! I love taking "trips" with you!

  3. One of our favorites too - our quilt history study group has taken a number of bus trips there. Living in north central Wisconsin makes it very doable :o) love those reproduction fabrics!

    Do you ever get to JJ's in Sun Prairie? Sensory overload!

  4. What a wonderful shop to visit, I love their displays.


  5. I have been to JJ Stitches once, a long time ago, so it's time to go back there.

  6. Tara - I saw so many of your quilts in this shop!

  7. Thanks for the posting. Lovely shop and I'm going to check out the App.

  8. What a wonderful looking quilt shop, almost as nice as the one I work at here in New Zealand!
    thank you fro sharing such lovely photo's.

  9. It must be an awsome feeling to walk into a quilt shop and see so many of your quilts made up. What a wonderful shop.

  10. Fantastico, quanto vorrei un negozio così vicino a casa,
    forse è meglio per il mio conto in banca che sia ben lontano....

  11. Thank you Kathleen for this wonderful visit in this shop! I like the idea to paint on the chair. I think I could stay in this shop a lot of hours!Have a good day.

  12. Next time I'm speaking in Wisconsin, I hope it's near Cedarburg! That shop looks awesome. Glad you found it and glad you shared!

  13. Ooh,my kind of quilt shop! Yumm. Better than candy!

  14. Wonderful shop how muck fum you had being in this lovely quilt store...very quaint!...I am sure they were trilled to have you there!

    Carolyn :)

  15. Thanks for the app. I just found a shop about 25 miles from home!

  16. What a fabulous shop!!! I love the coloured chairs with the painted blocks on the seats!! a lovely touch!!!

  17. Nice,all the quilts
    and the chairs with all the colors.

  18. Looks like a wonderful place! I have to admit I really fell in love with the star quilt laying on the bed. What a gorgeous quilt! The other quilts looks so great too, but this one really caught my attention :o)
    Have a great day,


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