Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Unfinisher

In doing some weeding out and folding up of fabrics last week, I came across too many unfinished projects. Probably not as many as some of you - some of you  are Queens of the Unfinished, I hear.  Many of you have been quilting longer and also probably making larger quilts. But still. Each unfinished project tugs at me because I remember how much fun it was planning, playing, cutting (okay, NOT so much fun cutting), piecing and dreaming of how to finish it. It would be really nice to have some of them done, I thought.  But I never seem to get there.

Small Quilt Challenge to the rescue again! I started a challenge in my Yahoo group this month to finish a few of them. Or at least just one. Better not get ahead of myself too much or nothing will get done.

Eeny, meeny, miney moe . . . grab a top and let it go.

Deadlines are good. Here's how it goes - We're posting photos of the projects we want to finish for all to see (to keep us accountable, you know.  "Hi, I'm Kathy. I'm an  . . . Unfinisher." ) and then, in a month, pictures of the finished small quilts. Some are darn near finished already - they may only need the binding - so it won't even take that long.

What's the problem? Is it like a book we love reading and can't bear for it to be over? Am I hanging onto some of these tops because I'm afraid they'll be forgotten in the pile of Oh So Many Little Quilts Lying Around the House? Or is it because the finishing is simply not as much fun as the making? Or maybe I'm just neurotic and need to stop analyzing EVERYTHING.

Whatever it is, it feels good already knowing that I'm on a deadline to finish this one. Silly, of course I can finish it. I started it last December for a Christmas Challenge. I remember putting it together rather quickly because I had already made the little hourglass blocks several years ago - Ha! - and tucked them into a bag, unfinished. So I can sort of call this a Double UFO, unfinished twice. Not successful the first time, so I'll try, try again.

I need to finish my 50 signature blocks for a signature friendship exchange first. I also have several out of town lectures and workshops planned for the rest of this month and next so I'm kinda busy to promise I'll finish two. I know my limitations. But if I finish at least one UFO now, then I know I'll be able to do another in the next month or so. Piece of cake, right? Wish me luck - I think I'm on a mission . . .


  1. Your little quilt that you plan on finishing is gorgeous! I love those fabrics a whole bunch.
    I am working hard on finishing up projects I started last year because...well...there are new ones to start this put off until next year! lol
    Anyway, I like your plan. Finish at least one this month. Oh wait, I already did that! I'm on to finish another!


  2. I know you can do it!!! It is a real cute little runner.

  3. Great plan of action. I have a really hard time finishing up projects. But I really would like to get them done. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Good Luck! You've given me some inspiration and now I'm looking at quite a few UFO small quilts that I've been making from your books. I think the fun part, of course, is gathering the fabrics and playing with them, arranging and rearranging. But when it comes to the finishing, well that's another matter. However, I to, am on a mission to finish at least one each month this year. How hard can that be? After all, they are little quilts.

  5. They all look so pretty piled up together but just think how much better they would look finished - lol ! Such gorgeous fabrics. I especially like the look of the one in the middle of the photo - seems like mainly blues and browns. Maybe you could post a photo of that one .... for me xxx

  6. That's one I'm almost embarrassed to finish and show, although I love the fabrics too. It was started so long ago and is pieced very crookedly, before I knew what I was doing. I'm a much better quilter now. I'll show it only if you don't judge me, LOL.

  7. It looks like you are determined to get it all finished. Lovely quilt you are making!

  8. You have put me on notice Kathy! I have pulled one from the pile, it was already basted so finishing it shouldn't be too painful LOL!!!

  9. They are all adorable...and I can't wait to see each one quilted and bound, so just jump in and start quilting. :)

  10. Hi, I am unfinisher in recovery! You made me laugh with that one. I have been completing UFO's and WIPs this month, and I am proud to say I have actually finished 2 quilts, one being a queen size one! So my UFO for the challenge will be to bind Calico Comfort. There I said it, now I will have to do it. I'll post the picture next week just to give myself some breathing room. :O)

  11. I love the colors in your table runner - it would match my house perfectly! And if you are worried that it will get lost among all the other little quilts, let me know. I can give it a good home! I live in the Chicago area, so I could even come pick it up and save shipping charges! :)
    You spoke at my quilt guild a few years ago and really enjoyed your presentation. Love all your beautiful work! Glad that you seem to be feeling good enough to return to your normal activities.

  12. Kathy,
    You are a color combination genius!!!! I would love to have that color sense. I think that you are born with it or not. I try different fabrics together and still don't feel sure about what looks good together and I fight the safeness of matchy matchy land. What is your real secret??? I know that we have talked about it, but I need a sure fire method for making a beautiful scrappy salad, so to speak. LOL, Thanks, Julia

  13. Oh my, you sound just like me! Oh well, I ain't dead yet.... that's my motto and I am sticking to it.

    Thank you for your inspiration and perseverance, it is always nice to know there are others like me. :-)


  14. I have the same problem, when the top is done, I think somehow that counts as finished. There is always something new tugging at me.


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