Friday, July 12, 2013

Free Bow Tie Quilt Pattern

A few months ago someone in my Yahoo group Small Quilt Talk suggested that she design a quilt for the monthly challenge. I was happy to encourage Marian to do it because her quilts are always so lovely. You may remember that I showcased her quilts right here on my blog last year. She had a great time designing this small Bow Tie quilt for our group members -
                            Tanjil Sunrise by Marian Edwards
I am very pround of Marian for taking this leap into designing her own quilt and pattern for you and you can follow the instructions for making the quilt here on her blog, Marian Edwards Dream Weaver.
Marian lives in Australia and the quilt is called  Tanjil Sunrise. She said the inspiration for this sunny little  quilt came from the spectacular sunrises in her corner of the world - Tanjil South, in rural Victoria, Australia.
Here are a few other small  quilts Marian has made -
Thanks, Marian!


Rosa said...

These quilts are just wonderful!

Nancy said...

The bow tie quilt is wonderful with its variety of fabrics. I think it's always interesting to see what patterns emerge when blocks are put together. When I look at this I see Xs and Os and also a square around the center O. Very nice. I especially like Marian's leaves with the purple border. I'm not a lover of purple but gosh, it gives lots of punch in this quilt. Her baskets are gorgeous!

Gayle said...

Marian writes one of my very favorite blogs. Not only does she make wonderful quilts, but her photographs of them are so well done because of the settings and vignettes she makes - so fun!

Jenny from Bristol UK said...

I wish I could visit your stand but I'm in the UK so too far to go! I'm just really pleased that there's now an internet community so we can share wherever we live in the World!! I just love being a member of your group Kathy and have made all the mini quilts so far...Jenny Bristol UK

Sacramento Landscaping company said...

Very pretty quilts. Really perfect on my living room. :)


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