Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scrappy Nine patches

I'm making a scrappy nine-patch lap quilt for my sofa. I started a few blocks before the Christmas rush and just sewed a little on it this past week. It will be very utilitarian and nothing special so that if something spills or the dog drools on it, no problem.

Right now this Calico Comfort quilt from my book Remembering Adelia is being used on the sofa and I love it but really don't want it to get ruined, what with my letting the little dog up on the couch so often to cuddle with me while I read. I keep an old afghan near but she will curl up in a quilt faster than an afghan. I love looking at the scraps I used in it and it gives me so much pleasure to run my fingers over them - over and over again. My grown-up blankie? Don't think I had one as a child. 

I've made 16 blocks so far and need about 30. They don't take long to make - the hardest part (but "funnest") was choosing fabric from my scraps. 
Since I will not be making the small quilts along with you this year (mine are already made!) I figured I'd get some projects done that I've been wanting to make for awhile. A simple one first will be good.

You can see it will be verrry scrappy. I'll set the blocks on point and then decide on a print for the setting.

Poor Dear Jane, so many blocks left to do. They're sitting in their box, waiting for me to have more time to get back to them . . . someday soon, I hope. I have too many ideas for things I want to make and not enough time lately.

Yet, I think it's always a good sign that there are so many projects I really want to make even though I don't have time to get to all of them RIGHT NOW.  Take a look at one I fell in love with recently - 

from American Patchwork & Quilting magazine
This quilt by Jo Morton (featured in the current American Patchwork & Quilting magazine) is one of my goals for the year. Okay, okay, maybe I'll get to it next year. I love the simplicity. Hope I can make time to make it. If I really do get around to doing it, oh well, the dog will probably not be allowed to cuddle on it with me. 

Don't forget - Season 3 of the Masterpiece series Downton Abbey premieres tonight, on PBS, friends. We've been waiting awfully long for it.


  1. Everyone needs a matter how old they are.

    Love the Jo quilt. I cut mine up this afternoon! Isn't that a beauty?!

  2. Kathy, I love your scrappy nine patch for the couch. It looks very fun to make.
    We are so so so excited for the new Downton Abbey and the hour before it focusing on life in the castle. I have made a Downton Abbey inspired dinner and dessert just to be festive. Curry chicken on rice with peas, and scones with tea and clotted creme. So British...
    Enjoy. Julia

  3. Of course, come right over :) Julia

  4. oh yes, that jo morton is on my want to list as well...

  5. We have already seen season 3 and you are in for a treat!

    My niece came over to visit on Saturday for a marathon of season 3 that we have on DVR. She wore her pearls, diamonds, feathered hat and elbow length gloves for tea. We love Violet!

    Love the quilts BTW.

  6. Will be fun to watch your progress on the projects you will be working on this year! Love Sunday nights with Downton Abbey!

  7. Great fabric Kathleen good work, good week.

  8. I enjoyed watching Downton Abbey while hand quilting my Jan. quilt. I want to make Jo's quilt too!. Where are we going to find the time!!! LOL Karen

  9. Your 9 patch is going to be awesome - love those stacks of fabrics that you chose. I have not seen Downtown Abbey - from all of the chatter I see about it, I should get on the bandwagon!

  10. Your 9-patch is just fabulous.I love your skill on put fabrics together.Your new goals are beautiful too.Happy sewing!

  11. Yep! That magazine is lying next to my sewing machine as we speak and have plans to make "Smores" too! Love your 9 patch quilt!

  12. That 'S'more" quilt caught my eye too. I always love a good 9-Patch, the scrappier the better!

  13. Oh Goody my Patchwork & Quilting will be here soon :) love the Quilt ....


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