Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pleasure in the Process

How many of you find pleasure in the process of making a quilt? Or do you get the most pleasure after you  have finished it? Quite a few quilters love to piece but don't actually like the quilting part and so there are many unfinished tops out there.  Me, I love to complete most quilts I begin and more often than not see them to the finish. But then I make small quilts so it's usually very doable. I'm not always successful, but I don't have as many left unfinished as I used to.

These tops are STILL unfinished, but at least they're small ones. I'll get to them - don't worry, I'll get to them.
There are sooo many projects I want to make and I have so many ideas of things I'd like to create but sadly not quite enough of the actual time and/or energy to carry them out. Thinking about them is so much fun, though, isn't it?? You can do that on a BUS. I don't get many bus rides in these days living outside the city and all, so driving works for me now, LOL. And in case you're wondering about the time I totalled my car - no, I wasn't daydreaming about quilting.
Recently someone asked me if I was having a creative drought. (Seriously, who asks a quilter that??) I laughed out loud and thought  . . . NOPE, just the opposite.  When I become inspired and then try to go to sleep there are usually TOO many visions that dance in my head . . . .


Apparently, this is a woman's brain when she's trying to sleep - each ball represents a thought of something ELSE that needs to get done.  It's a wonder we get any sleep at all . . .

Often, I have to stop myself and slow down when I begin a project. This happens when I begin a small quilt because I am so eager to get it finished. I know it won't take that long and then I can move on to the NEXT one and the one after that. . . . You know how it is. Too many ideas and difficulty settling on just one.
I don't do a lot of applique although I have some great ideas and a few things started that I hope to work on soon. Making orange peels by hand was a lesson in patience for me. I had a deadline to make the quilt and had to work on it consistently to get it finished in between all of the other quilts for Remembering Adelia. But, I have to say, there was so much pleasure in the process that it went fairly quickly, all things considered. Hand quilting is like that too. But I don't always get to do that when I make things.

Over the last few month I have been busy making more than a few quilts for friends (and one of my sisters) and hand quilting was not an option because I actually wanted to finish them. Right now I am working on a project for someone else again but it will end up being a free pattern for all of you sometime next month. Plus, a great giveaway to go along with it!! Keep coming back.
I need to get working on some more applique and hand quilting I think. Calms the brain.

Still working on this one . . . Pattern coming in the spring (I hope).
*   *   *
Hope you are finishing up your quilt for January. The Small Quilt Challenge for 2013 continues later this week with February's quilt -  from my book The Civil War Sewing Circle. (We'll be making a few of the quilts from that book this year.) The quilt will be announced on Friday, Feb 1.


  1. I have been bitten by the small quilt bug and made two from your Civil War book. Both were made from my stash and so much fun. Thanks for the encouragement to start working on them.

  2. I have way too many tops that need to become quilts. That's on the agenda this do more hand quilting and get them finished.

    I so love your books and hope that one day you write another for us��

  3. I make small quilts for my own pleasure and love working with the beautiful reproduction fabrics. Look forward to February's challenge quilt and a new pattern mid-month.

  4. That explains why I can't sleep. LOL
    Always a problem for many ideas, so many projects, never enough time.
    Like that basket you are working on.

  5. Kahy, i love the visual 'brain' mechanism, we 'women' can all relate to that i'm sure LOL!! and why is it that it happens just as our head hits the pillow lol??!!
    i must admit i love the whole quilting process from choosing the fabrics, to piecing each block, to hand quilting and finally adding the binding.
    btw i like the small applique quilt you're working on..i look forward to the pattern :)))

  6. I love making small quilts. I love giving them as gifts also. I always try to keep something going to have to quilt or hand sew in the evening..

  7. Hello Kathleen.I love your books and quilts and yoin your yahoo-group for small quilts.My januari-quilt is the Charming Coins Doll quilt from the book Remembering Adelia and look forward to the february challance.My english is not very well sorry.
    Warm Regards Lia

  8. Kathy, Loved reading your blog this morning. It makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one with a crazy quilting brain. Sometimes I think I have more quilts done then I really do because my brain has already made them! LOL Karen/IL.

  9. Love your little pile of quilts - I think the pink and brown one would like to come and live at my house! I love to hand quilt but I'm much better at getting my small quilts quilted than the big ones! There's just not enough time in the day.

  10. Kathleen - Do you know the manufacturer of those luscious pinks in the first photo, upper left corner. I believe those are scraps from the quilt you made your daughter. I always drool over those. THX so much!

  11. I certainly feel like the woman's brain diagram most of the time. So many ideas that I never get much of anything finished. I have lots of UFOs that just need to be quilted, but then I see some fabric in my stash that is just crying out to be made into yet another quilt. The blogs that I like are always showing how to use up your scraps, quilt-a-longs and so many other ideas that I end up leaving the sewing room and taking up my knitting. It seems to be more soothing. However, I plan to perceiver and get those little quilts done. I know I'll feel so much better and a feeling of accomplishment will settle over

  12. Your orange peel quilt from Remembering Adelia is one of my favourites. Love the brain diagram.

  13. I really need to show my husband the picture of a womans brain as she's trying to sleep! So very true! Your work is lovely and yes, I do enjoy the process especially if I have several quilts in different stages of the process at the same time.:)

  14. Thanks for the sneak peak at the "pattern coming in the spring..." it's lovely! Looking forward to February 1st to see what mini quilt you have chosen for us to make!

  15. Love the new pattern. I can hardly wait for you to unveil the newest challenge for Feb. I want to get to work! Lizzie

  16. Lovely post - thank you! How dare they use my brain for a diagram!!

  17. OMG! Today, I felt daring and pressed the "next blog" button from my blog and up came yours. As I looked at the pictures of your quilts I thought, "Goodness, they look familiar" - Well yea! Love, love, love your work. I have many of your books in my Shoppe. Thank you for sharing your talent! Yours in Fibre!

  18. Love your new little quilt with the lovely new fabric line. Thanks for sharing and hosting Small Quilt Talk.

    Anna in WI


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