Friday, December 14, 2012

Tree Ornaments

I got the ornaments up on the tree, finally. Every year I forget some and then am so tickled to see them again at the bottom of the box. I only have a few ornaments that are handmade, most of them by friends. Yes, I did put up the new embroidery ones I designed, but still, I wish I had time to make a few more cross-stitch ornaments for myself. I love those. Every year I say that I'll make some just for me but hardly ever do. If I end up taking time to make them I usually give them away. Silly, because they don't really take that long. Maybe this weekend, after cookies, LOL. If only it would snow. I know that that might inspire me . . . .


Have you seen the wonderful quilt ornaments that Julie makes and sells? These little Christmas tree pendants  double as ornaments.  Contact Julie here for more information.

How lucky I stumbled upon this ornament 2 years ago . . . .
Our designated Santa's Helper


  1. Your ornaments are just beautiful and look wonderful on your tree. I love your little furry elf too.

  2. Your tree looks lovely. Sounds like you are a typical away more than you keep. Merry Christmas!

  3. I have some I cross stitched years ago. I have made many many more since then but all have gone to others to decorate other trees.

  4. I try to make a new ornament every year. But I really enjoy bringing out all the ones that have been passed down to our family and the ones my girls made while growing up. My favorite one is the little patent leather black baby shoes that my daughters wore as baby's. I wrote one of their names on the bottom of each one so when the time comes they will each have one to hang on their trees.

  5. Is your Santa's Helper as helpful as the ones we have at our house? Lol...I love getting out all of the ornaments - so many great memories. Hope you love your new pendant!

  6. Oh I love those little trees. I'm posted some ornaments I've made over the years.


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