Sunday, July 8, 2012

Signs That My Daughter Is Home

Our house is no longer our own since my daughter came home from college for the summer . . .

I seem to be spending a lot more time cleaning bathrooms and picking up  : )

Her makeup is everywhere . . .

Suddenly, there are shoes all over the house. Oh, wait, those are actually mine . . . .  LOL. Hers are way cooler and are not from Walmart.  Puhleeze!

My favorite quilt is back home. Like a puppy, it seems to follow her around the house.

Target's profits have increased dramatically over the last several weeks . . . .

I'm making muffins for breakfast again . . . .

Here's the clever recipe! Just add water . . . .

Call me simple but they still taste pretty good.

My ipod speakers keep going missing . . . .

Curious? I may have mentioned them before. Here's where you can find some of these cute ipod speakers for your very own. So cheap, you can buy two. Very cost effective if everyone in the house borrows them without asking and they get lost or broken. My husband once bought me expensive speakers for my ipod but that was a few years ago when we had two teenagers living here and somehow they mysteriously got broken. No one knows how THAT happened, LOL.

Have a good Sunday - I woke up and it was 70 degrees here in Chicago! Much better than the 103 temps we've been having this past week. I might actually get out in the garden today.

*  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *

Oh, yes, you are not imagining things - that IS a hexagon tote bag up there.  I bought it at Borders before they tanked. Hope you are also finding some time to work on these little things now so you will be ready for our hexagon quilt when October rolls along.



  1. So wait: is that my house you're talking about? I could swear that is my house! Make-up, hair bands, dirty dishes. The tornado comes thru our house everyday and then I straighten it all out.

    The good news is I love having my daughter home when I know it's temporary.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation for the speakers. I've been looking for some, so it must be Kismet. Thanks

  3. I had to laugh when I read your post. It was the same way at my house when my daughter used to come home from college! The house smelled like hairspray and polish remover.

    I miss her coming home now that she is married and has moved away.

  4. Oh yeah, that sounds familiar! Enjoy her while you can!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog that's related to little quilts.

  5. That sounds like my daughter, I may love her, but am very glad she has her own place, lol.


  6. Ahhhh. Memories. That sound just like when DD came home from college. I miss her now that she moved to L.A. She is coming for a short visit in a couple of weeks so I am sure the tornado effect will still happen while she is here. LOL

  7. Thanks for the giggle. I loved this post!

  8. Красивые фотографии! Приятные квилты.

  9. Oh, the messy life of teenagers/young adults! I remember it well.

  10. Oh the memories! Our son moved in and out so many times I never really experienced the empty nest. Then he got married..... he and wife lived with us while house hunting. I had boys so, I never knew what having a daughter was like. I soon found out. I hate to admit it but I did enjoy having them here and the extra work was worth it. Now that they have moved on, I think I am finally going through "empty nest".
    I so love your blog, your books and I have started your October hexie quilt already. I just love hexies.

  11. Hi Kathy! I just finished another of my quilt challenges from when I was in your SmallQuiltTalk group and wanted to share it with you. I will be digging out the challenges again soon and starting another. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  12. Love the charming Coins Mini. Look forward to making it. I'm sure I could make several without repeating a fabric.

    Barbara Cissne
    Garland, TX

  13. Kathy - Love your posting today about collecting buttons and stringing them. When I was about 5 years old, I was stringing buttons, a hobby taught to me by my Mother and Grandmother. The needle slipped and went into my knee, and the doctor had to remove it. Still have the scar, but that somewhat curtailed my button stringing hobby. Wish I still had all of them.

    Barbara Cissne
    Garland, Texas


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