Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inspired by a Little Snow

I had plans to finish making a reproduction of an antique doll quilt last week but after I wrote about those ugly prints and then played around with them in the Broken Dishes quilt, I got a little off track and just kept going. Isn't is funny how sometimes a quilt just wants to be made no matter what else needs to get done?

I used the excuse of a little bit of snow to stay inside and sew. And not only did I make one, but TWO little Broken Dishes quilts. One has a blue border and I used that muted purple print for the other border. I had a few extra blocks from those prints that were just begging to be useful and shown off in a completed quilt.

They finally found a home.

I quilted them FAST with a simple machine stitch because I knew if I waited to find time to hand quilt them it would probably never happen. It was nice to spend the whole day focused on sewing. And at least now they're just about finished, only have to complete the bindings.

*  *  *

New quilt of the month (from Remembering Adelia this time) will be announced March 1. Tired of  small quilts yet?  Or are you ready to make another one with me??


  1. You did well with those 'ugly' fabrics, they look quite lovely and very much at home in your Broken Dishes quilts, very nicely done!! I may not be able to keep up with the monthly projects, but will certainly try and participate where I can, I look forward to seeing what March brings!

  2. Love the colours you've used in your work.

  3. You've got some great little projects done. I'm all set for the next quilt. Looking forward to March 1,

  4. Snow is as good of an excuse as anything. Love your little quilt. It turned out darling.

  5. Really great minds think alike I was just thinking of making this pattern myself. I have just finished piecing a anvil quilt MINI of course and have put 1 1/2 in prairie points all around it i will probably post later today.
    Never ever every tired of minis ever!! VBG

  6. Mercy! What a question! How could I or any of your blog readers get tired of "little" quilts. I love them! I'm fascinated by your color choices and the fabrics you use.....

  7. Funny how those left over pieces want to be turned into a little quilt.I made 3 little quilts from the left over pieces from the Feb. challenge.Looking forward to the next challenge.
    judy j

  8. Can you get tired of these sweeties??Beautiful.....that snow is beautiful too!

  9. Where are the ugly fabrics? I looked and looked but I do not see any ugly fabrics. Your broken dishes are adorable!

  10. Your "ugly" fabrics turned out to be two cute little quilts!
    I love this challenge and I'm looking forward to March 1 for another quilt.

  11. Un blog magnifico.

    Un beso

    Raquel i Neus

  12. I hope to finish sewing together this month's quilt. I have the book coming from Amazon. So I am ready for a another small quilt. Keep them coming..... Thank you : )

  13. No not tired of those beautifull little quilts.
    Can't wait till the first of march.
    My little quilt is quilted on the machine by my cousin.
    Hope to get it back soon so I can put the binding on and show you.
    Love your mini's too.
    Greetings from Holland, Janny S.


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