Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Brake for Antique Shops

Earlier this week I drove down to southern Illinois to visit the TNT Guild in Glen Carbon, IL for a presentation. Such a fun group of ladies! And boy can they bake. Ask me how I know . . . .

It sure looks like they were laughing at my quilts, but I'm positive there was something else funny going on . . . just quilters having a good time.

Look - there's Mr Tracy, working hard behind the scenes, helping me take down my presentation while I packed up my quilts. He's usually sneaking around taking pictures of me with silly expressions on my face but I stole the camera and got him this time while he wasn't looking.

On the way back home the next day we stopped at a few antique shops -

Sometimes I'll see an antique quilt that I like but instead of feeling like I need to buy it I think - Hmmm, if I made  this one myself I'd use different fabrics, ones I really like. No uglies, LOL. I know,  I know, let's not start THAT conversation again  . . . I happen to really like my pretty fabrics.

I almost never see quilts when I visit antique shops in my area, so it was fun to see so many. There were quite a few, but none that I really craved. Most were not very affordable ( TWO kids in college soon) or too worn in places or just not my style. I always think I can probably reproduce a few easily enough in small format.

Oohh, isn't this like the one I saw in the magazine last month??

Most of the ones I liked and could afford were very worn in spots. I already have a couple of antique quilts in need of repair, do not need any more.

I do love the really simple antique quilts -  no frills here.

Thought about buying these blocks but didn't really like the colors on the others. Would I even put them together anyway?

Bought these instead, to make some small 6-pointed stars, along with some older blue-grey Jo Morton fabric I ran out of a few years ago. I am always on the lookout for more. Lucky me!

Nice to see that my old set of Pfaltzgraff dishes like these (packed away in the basement) are collectible . . . I knew if I waited long enough they'd become antiques.

Lots of Pinks and Blues . . . . Don't you love how the quilter probably ran out of fabric and said "Oh well" and then substituted the checked square in the block above? Just like me, LOL.

I've never seen this pattern before.

Although I mostly just showed you quilts, you never know what else you can get a deal on at some of these antique shops in the country -  UFO anyone?

How about a hat for the next Royal Wedding??


  1. Oooo I love that pink quilt!!! You are right, with kids in college, it's time to use up the stash :-)

  2. Your world view and your checkbook will change when two kids are finished with college. One day ........

  3. YES, looking forward to that one day . . .

  4. Such lovely items to soothe the eyes....

  5. Ha! What a great post with a couple neat quilts in here. I liked the simple churn dash in cheddar and was really taken with the interesting pattern that you said you haven't seen before.

  6. Kathy, It looks like you had a fun trip home. I agree, It is time to try to reproduce instead of buy everything I like. LOL
    Karen in IL.

  7. I love hitting the antique stores when we go up north, never know what you will find and much cheaper and better than tourist shops;) I am always seeing things I like and say, I can make that, and never do, lol.


  8. I love seeing old quilts and the way the "made do". Such fun stuff in antique stores, but sometimes they make me feel old.:)

  9. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful old quilts with us. Beautiful!!

  10. I love the cheddar and white quilt. Lot of nice quilting.

  11. Looks like you had a great roll up! Love all the beautiful old quilts, thanks for sharing them!!!

  12. Great quilts. I love the one you said you hadn't seen that pattern before. I haven't either. Is there any chance that you would draft that pattern and put it in your next book?


  13. Quilterbee - that is something to think about. No plans for another book right now though . . .

  14. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures of these antique quilts. I just love the double pink one. I really want to see the one in the green cupboard with the appliqued pink leaves. Ok - actually I want to see them all - lol.

  15. Thanks for sharing all the antique quilts!

    Brenda...the Farmer's Dotter


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