Sunday, May 22, 2011

Victorian Daydreaming

You'll remember a while ago I showed you some conversational prints I was using for my daughter's college quilt. Then Karan sent me some of hers with animals on them to add to my collection. I searched the internet after that and found a few fat quarters of others I hadn't seen and they've been sitting here waiting for me to post some photos.

All tied up with a pretty ribbon

Victorian Ladies with Umbrellas, Pinwheels (yes!), Victorian Sledders and Victorian Children Pushing a Barrel

This is not exactly related to the fabric, but bear with me.  A few weeks ago, around the same time these fabrics came in the mail (and before my surgery), my husband and I took our daughter on a little trip to a revisit a small college in Illinois. She liked the college and  we especially enjoyed the surrounding residential area with many lovely old Victorian houses built around the turn of the century.

I'm sure I could easily live here in one of these beautiful homes. Too far from Chicago and my husband's job though, darn it . . . . he's never been fond of long commutes to and from work and I don't blame him. I've been lucky enough  to work in my jammies for years, albeit in a small house with kids underfoot for most of them. Anyway, in my Victorian daydreams, I've always wished for a big house with a huge front porch and yes, most definitely, throw in a  a turret too. Maybe someday . . .  

I jokingly told my daughter that if she went to this school, we'd probably have to buy a house in the area to be closer and also to keep an eye on her, LOL. I'm pretty sure she didn't take me seriously, but as much as she liked the school and the houses, she eventually chose a different college to attend in the Fall so I guess no more Victorian daydreaming for me when we visit her at school! It was fun while it lasted.

Not making much progress on The College Quilt yet - only have a few blocks finished and so still have a ways to go. Oh well, I hope to get the okay from the Good Doctor to sit down at the sewing machine for a bit soon (too much sitting isn't good for my stitches). This will definitely be my summer project if I can keep from getting too distracted by other things.


  1. Cute fabrics!!! I love them all.

    I have friends who did buy houses where their kids went to college but for the kids to live in and rent out rooms to friends. Paid the mortgage that way and then sold them at graduation. Friends did that - not me!

  2. Love those old Victorian houses. I live in Victoria, B.C., so you can imagine, there are many old Victorians here (houses and otherwise lol). I would love to live in one, but I think the upkeep would be high. Your conversation prints are very cute. So glad to here you are able to get a few things done. I'm sure it must be very boring not being able to do what ever you want to. Best to take it easy though. You don't want any setbacks.

  3. Love the fabrics! And I also love those old houses. I wouldn't said no to live in a house like that! Must be like a dream come true! No houses looks like that here in Norway, we only are able to see these in movies and so on :o)
    Good to hear you are a bit better, but take care!

  4. The recovery process can be a bit slow.....and boring, but unfortunately necessary. Good to hear you are taking short walks, even if it is just around the furniture LOL! Nice that you are still collecting 'conversationals', that is a good sign! even if you are not able to sew at the machine yet. All in good time, all in good time.....
    The Victorian houses are wonderful, but I can imagine the upkeep and housework! urghhhhhhh.... (they probably have someone come in for that LOL!!!)

  5. I also dream of a Victorian home until I realize the work needed to maintain them. I wish you daughter luck in her new venture and a return to your sewing machine for you.

  6. I love the prints on the fat quarters!
    The houses are beautiful. I doubled clicked on the top house to biggify the picture and in the eyebrow window it looks like someone is peering out the window behind a beautiful fan.

  7. I have a small collection of conversation prints similar to the ones you showed and one day they will go into a day. Those houses are simple elegant! I would have loved an old Victorian but we built a new house instead. There is not as much charm but the upkeep is easier and that I like a lot! Leaves more time for the fabric fun. :-)

  8. Oh wonderful fabric and homes! We don't see places like that here in New Zealand...just too 'New'

  9. Hi! I love the pictures of the Victorian's...I have always had that same dream--complete with turret! Unfortunately, I married a man who thinks they require too much upkeep and would never buy one. AGH! Note to self: win lottery; buy my own Victorian house. ;)

    Deb from

  10. those houses are beautiful.
    don't laugh I have been trying to convince the DH to move to Indiana!
    not working so far! so will she be coming out to school closer to me?

  11. Those conversation prints are to die for! Lucky you.

  12. those fabrics are so cute..i caved in a bought a few too!!
    oh and those Victorian houses are simply gorgeous!! i especially LOVE the turrets which always make me think of Rapunzel..funny huh!!

  13. Love the conversation prints. I'm building up quite a collection of original 1880's novelty prints in quilts and blocks, they are the most fun.


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