Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where the Heck is Spring??

I know that pretty soon this awful weather will give way to sunny skies - but watch, the temp will turn 85 and stay there until Fall! Is it just me or do the winters and summers seem longer? Spring and Fall are disappearing . . .

My husband and I decided to take a quick trip up to Wisconsin on Sunday to see my son and his friends play some basketball and then take him and his girlfriend out to dinner afterwards.

My sweet boy is all grown up . . . .

I remembered that it was the anniversary of the day my husband and I met in Wisconsin, 29 years ago and my husband was just about his age. Since the game was at night we stayed over until Monday, took the long way home and then stopped at a small historic town in Wisconsin (Cedarburg) for lunch and some shopping. I wanted to see the quilt shop there that I had heard was very nice but they weren't open until Wednesday so we "made do" with what shops were open. And we made do with the weather too. Gloomy, and oh, I heard there was more snow in Illinois while we were gone. Too bad I missed it.

I found another quilt shop that WAS open!

This bare tree with bird ornaments was so appropriate for the day.

I love to browse in bead shops.

I have a friend who knits and wanted to show her this scarf that had beads that were embedded in the yarn. I thought it was so cool. $25 a skein . . .

Pretty little shops

Looks like this doll died a not-very-pleasant death a loooonnng time ago . . . . I had to take this photo of her because I was reading A Reliable Wife in the car on the drive up - a "suspenseful, historical potboiler" set in a desolate northern Wisconsin town around 1907 with cold, depressing characters and even more depressing events and the doll just seemed to fit in with the theme of the book, us being in Wisconsin after all, LOL.

I don't know for sure but it may have been the worst novel I have ever read in my life, despite some glowing reviews. Has anyone else read it? Don't mean to offend if you DID like it but explain why to me, please. All the while I was reading it I kept thinking,  "Am I just not getting this?? Surely it will get better . . . " Nope, it didn't.

We stopped at a quaint little Crepe restaurant for lunch. Look - antique quilts are hung all over the walls!

We took our time with our meal because I was waiting for the people who were siting here to leave so that I could take a  photo of this quilt.

Even though the weather was so dreary, I decided to just pretend it was Spring anyway. Surely it can't be long now.


  1. I read that book too...and I didn't get it either. I'm glad I'm not the only one! LOL

  2. Lovely post, Kathleen! Enjoyed all of your pictures and the tour of this quaint town.

    Spring is having a tough time getting here--- but I do think it is just around the corner! It is cold here in Iowa too!

    Always enjoy your blog and thanks for sharing all your wonderful projects.

    Carolyn :)

  3. I loved your post especially all the pictures of the town and quilts. I hate when you read a book and keep reading and you put it down disappointed.Have a good week!

  4. Looks like you had lots of fun on your trip. The town looks sweet.
    I have not read that book but thanks for the 'heads-up' :D :D

  5. Hope you get to see Ye Olde Schoolhouse quilt shop! You will love it. Say "hi" to Jeannie for me. I was lucky to get to write the article on her shop for Quilt Sampler mag. Kimber

  6. it looks like a lovely way to spend a "spring" day!

  7. What a beautiful little town, shame you missed the patchwork shop. It's very interesting hearing what our northern hemisphere neighbours are saying about the weather. In Austrlia we are in what I consider the best time of the year - autumn. Beautiful sunny days and cool nights.

  8. Thanks for sharing your trip. Love the quilts hanging in the restaurant. Looks like you really enjoyed yourself. Hugs.

  9. I enjoy reading your posts and love the way you always incorporate quilts into whatever your doing. Those antique quilts are beautiful. The two nine patch quilts are my favorite.
    We are having a few Spring days here in Bellingham, but the air is still 8-10 degrees cooler than it should be. I don't think we need to worry to much about a Globel Warming around here.

  10. Love those antique quilts! Thanks for sharing.
    For you I'm afraid all spring weather went to Europe, for many days now we have almost summer weather 23 - 25 degrees Celcius (don't know how much fahrenheit that is, normal is 16 degrees celcius at this time...) all is blooming...hope it will cross the ocean soon and brings some sunshine to you too! greetings from the Netherlands.

  11. Loooove Cederberg! Grew up in Chicago. Live in Canada now. Miss it all.

  12. I'd love to see that town. We have several historic towns near here and they're so much fun to visit. And who could resist that restaurant? Any place that displays antique quilts has to have good food!

  13. I just love discovering cute towns like that. I'll have to make a note for when I get back that way. Thanks so much for the book review. I have read more than my usual share of dud books this year so far. I don't trust those rave reviews any longer. They must be fakes to boost sales.

  14. I have to say the food was just okay . . . not great. But the place had quilts!

  15. Hi - I read the book and it is still on my night stand. I didn't finish it. I kept waiting for something to happen. I agree that it was terrible...and I also had high hopes for it. Very disappointed.
    I am always looking for period stories (maybe we were hoping for the same thing). Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

  16. What a wonderful place to have lunch! and yes the quilts on the walls would have definitely made up for the horrid weather! Thanks for sharing your trip!!

  17. I should say, come to the Netherlands. We have lovely springweather, about 23C, that's normal in summer. I love your book Remembering Adelia, so I'm happy I found your blog. I'm crazy about antique quilts, I have several antique quilttops that I repair and turn into "new quilts". bye bye Caro

  18. Haven't read that book, but will definitely NOT read it. I am very much into happy ending books.

    Love the quilts in the restaurant. Thanks for lingering over the meal to take the picture of the sashed 9 patch on point. Now that is a nifty, very simple quilt.

    Started the hexagon quilt from Civil War Diary last night for a doll quilt swap. Nope, not going to make that quilt and then give it away. So picked another one from there that I can use the 3.5" squares I cut for the hexie quilt and then realized they were the wrong size! Sigh. But will have 2 quilts from the CW book in the near (or distant) future. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I won't mention we had temps in the 80s yesterday. B.

  19. Thank you for posting all those beautiful photos! What a wonderful trip. And I started reading The Reliable Wife, but I couldn't identify or even like any of the characters so I never finished it.

    BTW, I am a librarian and I love it that you love libraries. :-)

  20. I stuck it out and finished The Reliable
    Wife - awful! Love your blog and I've made a couple of mini quilts.

  21. I am remembering even after 40 years of being "gone"; that spring is a 48 hour event in northern Illinois..... so no more traveling or you may miss it.... also come to think of it..... it did not happen before mothers day.... finding flowers for the nosegay's was a challange....alley produced violets but not every year had a tulip for the center.... of couse I live in Texas now where there are no tulips....somehow 8 weeks chill in the veggie bin does not produce a REAL tulip... and even after 40 years I still DREAD Texas summer..... so glad I quilt and sew glad you post great quilts. Thanks

  22. So fun that you were in Cedarburg last week. I live in Grafton (right next door) and go to that quilt shop (Material Matters) often and Love all the little shops downtown in Cedarburg. I have yet to be to the other quilt shop, I had a hard time finding it at first and now I just need to get there when they are open ( I also visited during a closed time period).

    And thanks for the book review, I saw that book online and considered purchasing it, since we all want to be reliable wives you would think it would... mean something to us or something. But maybe if I decide to give it a try I will go to the library, that might be the best option for me.


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