Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring is Springing

~ A late Easter,  a long cold spring. ~ 
       - French proverb

The French got that one right . . .

Spring looks like it may have sprung already or at least has started to "spring." Here's what I'm up to this afternoon:

We used to make coloring eggs  a family tradition but the kids are mostly grown up now so it seems I'm the only one who's interested in carrying on the tradition anymore. If your kids are old do you still give them Easter baskets?? My daughter is 17 and yesterday she requested that her Easter basket not have too much candy, but things like makeup and gift cards instead. Uh oh, I guess I'll have to run out this afternoon and buy some things to fill that basket after all . . . LOL.

The spirit of Easter is all about Hope, love, and joyful living.     
      ~ Anonymous.
Speaking of hope -  a possible sweep by the Chicago Bulls in  Game 4 of the NBA playoffs?? Game on today after my favorite day-before-Easter lunch:

Do you have one of these cool egg slicer thingys? It's so old I don't know if they even make them anymore. I bought mine when I got my first apartment in the '70s, can you tell? About all I knew how to cook at the time was egg salad sandwiches! It still comes in handy. One of  my favorite things about Easter is the hard boiled eggs . . . We try to go easy on the chocolate but yes, there's definitely some of those chocolate eggs too.

The strawberries are looking pretty pathetic, but my family ate all the good ones and left these for me . . .

We'll be going out to Easter brunch tomorrow but I may make a Lamb cake - one of my sister's traditions - if I have time.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!


  1. Hi Kathleen I had to laugh I have the Lets go into the garden wall hanging.I have been trying to find a place to rehang it.I liked the way you hung it next to a quilt.Happy Easter, Cheri

  2. Happy Easter! I have two egg slicers... an old aluminum one and a Pampered Chef version. You can also use them to slice mushrooms...

    I do stuff for the grandchildren for Easter and let their parents fend for themselves... *lol*

  3. Both of my kids are grown (24 and 27) no grandkids, so no Easter baskets either.

    I used to use one of the egg chopper things when I was growing up! Yum, egg salad sand.
    Happy Easter!

  4. I have 2 egg slicers; one at home and one in our camper. The one in the camper is a new one that I bought at a dollar store. I think I got the other one at a garage sale. I delivered some Easter goodies to the little grandkids on our recent trip. Happy Easter!

  5. Hey I have an egg slicer too!
    Happy Easter from New Zealand!!

  6. Happy Easter Kathy!!! I don't have an egg slicer.....yet LOL!!!

  7. I get too lazy to take out my food processor for a little old egg, LOL. I just heard - you can use them for mushrooms too!! And who knows what else? Cheese maybe?

  8. I have that same egg slicer in yellow! I suspect I'll be using it in the next couple of days to make egg salad.I think you should definitely make an easter basket for your daughter. I have fond memories of getting easter baskets well into my adulthood. Yesterday I made 12 little Easter baskets (actually bags) for the family members - age 6 through 86. Happy Easter to all of you!

  9. Love the little quilt that your cups and eggs are sitting on - do you know what the pattern is?

    I have a very similar egg slicer - can't imagine a kitchen without one!

  10. My kids are adults and no baskets any longer. They never were big in those anyway.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter:)

  11. Sherry- The pastel quilt is from my first book American Doll Quilts, now out of print. You can buy a digital version from the publisher - - and download the file to your computer. Sometimes you can also find a copy on eBay.

  12. Happy Easter to you, too! And yes, I have one of those egg things but in white. My kids gave it to me a few years ago so it's not too old yet.

  13. Happy Easter
    I am loving your website and blog. It's a wet day here in NZ good day for stitching/quilting.
    I love your flower garden stitching with the button flowers. I have a couple of your books and just love them.

  14. I brought a egg slicer (in Australia) only a few years ago, but duh didnt realise you could cross cut them! I just used it to slice eggs for salads and hand chopped the eggs for sandwiches on Good Friday! Thanks for the tip and readers comment/tip about mushrooms, as just about to tackle some of those for our casserole! PS nice quilts in background shots, Happy Easter and happy quilting, Sue SA.

  15. We make schnidling sauce (chive sauce) for Easter. It uses up lots of those hard boiled eggs...chop them up, mix with lots of chopped chives and add sour cream thinned with milk to a gravy consistency. It's wonderful over ham and whatever starch you are cooking for Easter dinner...The chives are a sign of spring and this is made in Hungary, Austria, and Germany and probably other places too.....

    You can use your egg slicer for this too, but I just use a fork....I'm impressed by how long your slicer has lasted!

  16. I love your little French proverb and it is proving to be true this year at least in the Pacific Northwest. I had an English teacher, Miss Mcloon in high school who used to read the best poetry to us. One had a line that said " Forsythia, the harbinger of spring" I do wish I knew where the line was from. I have a small Forsythia growing on the edge of the pasture is in bloom even though it is only approx. 12" tall..wonder if the deer have been nibbling away at it, along with the Red Twig dogwood which they munch down to the ground!

  17. i also grew up with the tradition of colouring eggs for Easter, although i wasn't keen on boiled eggs..much prefer the chocolate variety lol!! However, i love egg, lettuce & mayo sandwiches, imagine! and i also remember having one of those egg slicers too lol!!
    we had a lovely family Easter at the beach..hope yours was special too!! x


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