Monday, May 31, 2010

Kindred Spirits

A few weeks ago I gave a talk and showed my quilts at a lovely little quilt shop in Denmark, Wisconsin by the name of Kindred Spirits. What a great name for a quilt shop. That name has stuck in my mind lately because it really resonated with me.

A kindred spirit is someone who feels and thinks the way you do. If you happened upon my blog, got past the first paragraph and are reading this, then you are probably a kindred spirit of mine. As kindred spirits and quilters we all touch each other and are inspired by each other. I think we are all more connected in ways than we are different and this comes to light when we share our experiences. Strangers are strangers no more, they become friends the instant they relate similar human experiences and share stories of their lives to encourage us on our own journey, whether it's quilting-related or not.

We read blogs by quilters and instantly feel connected and only later realize they're written by someone who lives in a far away place, maybe with different customs, who perhaps does not even speak our language. How incredible is that?

My husband recently asked me if I minded sharing details of my life with strangers the way I do on this blog. I have to say it surprises many who know me well--I am essentially very introverted and shy and usually private as well. But there's something about sharing with quilters that makes me feel safe--I know that we are "kindred spirits." And because so many of you have also spilled your stories for me to read, the connection among us creates a warmth that makes me forget about being shy or afraid of being judged. Maybe I am just being sentimental here? (Wait, I call myself The Sentimental Quilter, so it's actually OK!) So many of you have reached out and sent me best wishes for some of the issues I have had to deal with recently and I'm very grateful.

The Internet has been so incredible in helping us connect to one another--could you have imagined even 10 years ago that we would be "talking" to so many women with shared interests from so many different countries? I know that I never imagined I would have "friends" from all around the world when I began blogging a year ago. And when I visit guilds I meet so many new friends who are excited to tell me their stories or let me know that somehow something I've written or created in one of my books has touched them. What a wonderful feeling.

And even though the world seems to be moving so fast some days and it's awfully hard to keep up, isn't it also nice that we can connect with other kindred spirits and either learn something from them or be inspired by them or something they've made?  Or maybe we're able to just take something of their lives and add it to our own experience which then enriches OUR lives. 

(There I go all sentimental again. I know, let's switch topics.)


Doll Quilt Update

Here's one of my very special "kindred spirited" friends looking over my new pattern for the American Schoolgirl Doll Quilt Club that just came back from the  printer. She looks excited to see it, doesn't she? Ingrid has been one of my close friends for years and years and years and even if she's not a quilter yet (There's always hope . . . she could easily have private lessons at any time) she's always glad to hear about my creative escapades. 

Here's the scoop--I'll begin mailing the Club patterns out to many of you this week. Thanks for your patience and for coming along with me on my journey!



  1. Delightful post. Fun to connect with other Kindred Spirits!


  2. I,m another kindred spirit--cottonreel

  3. I totally agree with you. I find myself blogging about things I don't mind my quilting friends reading, but am a bit self-conscious about my family reading:) Love the term, Kindred Spirits.

  4. I just read "Anne of Green Gables" for the first time. Anne was always on the lookout for Kindred Spirits!

  5. Isn't that an interesting topic! I was just thinking of such things with someone else I recently met over blogging. I love meeting quilters! And to think, right off the bat when I met you through your blog (and yahoo) the American Girl and Barbie came up, antique dolls, mini quilts, and more. Thank you for sharing with us!

    (And on a side note, my daughter's Americn Girl arrived in the mail today and she was totally thrilled - she ended up wearing the matching dress instantly and it only came off at dinner to not sill spaghetti on it!)

  6. I so enjoyed your post today. It is so true about meeting new people and finding out what you have in common with them. I felt that Kindred Spirit with you the minute I read your books and found your blog.
    I am also very excited about your new club and look forward to joining in on the fun.

  7. I have alwasys felt "close" to you from the first time I read your blog. I belong to your forum also but it's not the same. I can't believe I have friends all over this country that I will probably never get to see in person. You can tell a lot from reading a person't blog. You are special Kathy.

  8. I just found your blog and I'm very happy I did. I belong to a Sampler Guild called Kindred Spirits. I feel like I've met so many Kindred Spirits through blogging too.

    I read your post about the Barbie dolls and it's good to see a fellow crazy person for Barbies. I do have my dolls and all the clothes and my Chatty Cathy too. Those I wouldn't part with for the world. My mother in later years worked Mattel Toys so I accumulated more of them, but my favorite is the Barbie in the black and white striped bathing suit. I even kept all those little catalogs too.


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