Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jumping in

In a very nice way my new friend, Chickenfoot, told me I was slightly behind the times and needed to get started blogging already! Well, it sure seems like I am the only one left in the entire world who doesn’t have a blog. It's been fun reading all of the other quilting blogs out there, so after numerous urgings from well-meaning friends and fans, I'm jumping in . . . . I've always been a little bit of a late bloomer. Stay posted.


  1. Well welcome aboard! I know you'll love blogging, it's like journaling or even better, making a call to all your friends and telling them what you've been up to. It's just that instead of doing it individually, you get to tell everyone at once. How cool is that? I can't wait to read about your friends, family and quilting...
    Now how about some pictures of your creations? Woo-Hoo!B=)

  2. Welcome to blogging Kathy. I love reading the blogs too. My blog is: I've met some great friends through blogging.

  3. This is fun already . . . thanks for the comments.

  4. Kathy, welcome to the blogger world. It's really a great fun.

  5. Welcome to the community of bloggers - you're going to have a ton of fun! Today I picked up your new book, Remembering Adelia and absolutely love it!!!!! Thank you for sharing your talent.

  6. welcome to blogland!
    You will have fun once you get over the learning curve!

  7. Kathy - welcome to the world of blogging! It can be fun and of course it's interesting to see comments of other bloggers. I set my blog up as a way to keep in touch with a host of family and friends scattered all over the country. I only blog once a week, usually on Sunday. Visit my blog if interested:

  8. Kathy: Welcome to blogging. It is addictive, you know, and you can get such great ideas from others! Good Luck!!

  9. Thank you all for your support! This takes so long--now if I can figure out how to get the photos to look as good as those on the other blogs I'll be all set!

  10. i am so glad you took the leap!!
    you will enjoy it im sure. it is such a great way to make new friends! and a nice way to keep in touch with others you may not see as often.


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